Monday, April 12, 2010

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 33

April 5
Carlsbad, CA-Running Springs, CA

After driving all night, we ended up in Carlsbad, CA to have lunch with my Uncle Jim & Aunt Tempe.  I haven't seen them since Jeremy's wedding in 2006, so it was really great to see them again and catch up.  We had a great lunch of sandwiches and caught up a bit and then went to the ocean so the boys could see the Pacific (after having swum in the Atlantic in FL). We then left to drive to Dave & Mende's house in the San Bernadino Mountains, a place called Running Springs.  It was fantastic to be there and catch up with them...and of course the boys loved seeing Levi again.  The Kitzmans lived in Lima when we were living in Peru, they have recently been accepted with SIM and are now raising support so they can go back to Lima.  I am super thankful that we are going to be in Lima with them eventually, Mende & I have always enjoyed hanging out, and now that they are with SIM, we'll get to see them much more often!!

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Days 29-32

April 1-4
Albuquerque, NM

While our first impression of NM wasn't that great (huge tower full of black buzzards was next to our breakfast stop), overall, our time in NM was fantastic!!  We first stopped at Carlsbad Caverns, and they were amazing!  We arrived in the morning and it was SOOO windy out!  Once we entered the caves, it was eerily quiet inside.  The Ranger had told us that we are only allowed to whisper, so during the entire 2-3 hours that we were inside the caves, it was so great to see how well the boys did at whispering!  Sophia started getting tired and antsy towards the last hour of our hike, but she finally fell asleep until the end.  We would have loved to see the bats exiting the caves in the evening, but since they mostly do that in the summer, they hadn't yet arrived from Mexico (or Brazil?).

After seeing the caves, we traveled a few more hours to Albuquerque to stay with my brother and Amy. It was sooo great to see them, they had come to Peru in October to visit, but we haven't seen them since then.  I love my brother; he was so hospitable and just spoiled us during our visit.  We went to the Albuquerque Children's Museum on one day, and then the next day we enjoyed Amy having a day off and went to the Aquarium & Botanical Gardens.  Saturday night Jeremy & Amy watched the kids and sent us our to dinner at a fabulous Greek was delicious and we really enjoyed our time out together!

Easter Sunday we enjoyed going to the Mars Hill Albuquerque campus for Easter service.  It was a good service where the video was a tour through some important historical parts of Israel, the parts where Jesus had carried the cross, and even to the hill where He was crucified, and then the supposed empty tomb.  It was neat to see that in Easter Sunday.  After church, the boys found Easter eggs and Jeremy grilled chicken, burgers, and hot dogs.  As much as we hated to leave, we ended up leaving that night to drive all night and arrive in CA on Monday morning.

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 28

March 31
Waco, TX-Pecos, TX

Today I took the kids to the Waco zoo to meet up with Jen & Katelyn Surdoval! Jen is another mom on my March Mommies board, and she lives between Austin & Dallas, so we planned this fun meet up. It was great, Jen's mom also came along and I feel like Jen & I clicked right away and just had a super fun time.  Katelyn is a little peanut like Sophia, but she is walking and so she appears much older than Sophia.  Nathan LOVED playing with Katelyn and now considers her his BFF..he even ran across the parkig lot trying to get Jen to stop so he could get a picture with her!  Great, great day!!

After we left the zoo, we started a big drive towards Albuquerque, NM and Carlsbad Caverns.  We were going to drive all night long, but realized that we would arrive at Carlsbad Caverns too early, so we stayed the night in Pecos, TX.

Krohn 2010 road trip...Day 27

March 30
Dallax, TX

We had the privilege of meeting Patti Cartwright in Dallas, she's a good friend of Jeff's parents and her and her husband have been supporting us during our time in Peru.  She arranged a great (and relaxing) place for us to stay, and then we enjoyed a super fun dinner out with her and some of her friends at the Rainforest Cafe near the hotel.  The boys had so much fun at dinner, Sophia just stared at the gorillas and the fish, and Jeff and I really enjoyed talking about our ministry and learning a bit about their church and the ministries they are involved in.  What a blessing to meet new friends!

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 26

March 29
West Monroe, Louisiana

We left super early to travel all the way from Atlanta across Alabama & Mississippi to Louisiana.  Jeff has a friend that he knew from his time in Winter Park, CO and they have kept in touch all these years, so we stayed at their house.  I had never met Tonya, but it was fun to meet her and stay with her family (her husband was on a mission trip to Bulgaria); the boys had a blast jumping on the trampoline, spilling bubbles all over it and slipping and sliding all around.  They were pretty messy, but had a super fun time.  Tonya served us a delicious Southern meal of beans, rice, ham, Jambalaya, bread, and fruit...even Sophia loved it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some state welcome signs

Random pictures from our trip!

"Wen are we gana get there?"

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 23-25

March 26-28
Atlanta, GA

We had a really fun few days with our friends, the Ripleys, in Atlanta.  Dana & Jeff are long time friends, and we had a great time visiting them and getting to know their kids (who we hadn’t seen for about 5 years).  Rob played a few Lacrosse games that the boys enjoyed watching, and I enjoyed going shopping with Ked.  We also celebrated Nathan's 6th birthday...again! He loved being the center of attention, and I was lazy and just picked up a bakery cake for him which I thought was the best part of his birthday!

One highlight of my time in Atlanta, was that I got to meet up with one of the moms on my March Mommies board.  Amanda & Danny met up with Sophia and I and we were going to play at an indoor play area, but they were closed for a party.  We ended up going to Chili’s for lunch and just hanging out, it was so much fun to see that gorgeous boy and get to know Amanda a bit better.
We were able to attend church with the Ripleys which was really great, the boys enjoyed their Sunday school time and Sophia did great in the nursery. Jeff, Dana and the boys went to Kennesaw National Historic sight and climbed up to the top…there were even real cannons that they shot off which was fun to see/hear.  It was a great time overall, and the boys thought being introduced to “silly bands” was one of their highlights!

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 20-22

March 23-25
Spring Hill, TN-Brighton, TN

We spent a few days with our good friends, the Keiters, catching up after many years of not seeing them.  I think the last time we saw them was when I was pregnant with Brandon and we were driving to Charlotte from Denver.  It was sooo special to be with them, and I enjoyed getting out of the house a bit to get a pedicure with Kathy & Angie, have lunch together, and also going shopping with Angie.  The boys had a blast playing with Jackson, Angie’s son, and they wore themselves out each day playing the Wii, playing Transformers, and playing whatever else boys play. 
Even though it wasn’t Nathan’s birthday yet, Kathy wanted Jackson and the boys to be able to celebrate together, so we went to Chuck E. Cheese!  They had such a blast together, playing games, winning tickets, and then picking out their prizes.  It really is a fun place for boys!  Sophia did great, she sat in the high chair most of the time, but she loved looking around and watching all the people and seeing the lights of the games.  Nathan got a couple Monster Trucks for his birthday and was very pleased!

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 19

March 22
Pigeon Forge, TN-Spring Hill, TN

It was snowing when we left PF today with very cold winds.  Besides the kids being able to swim, and Sophia having a hay day with the toilet paper, we were glad to say goodbye to PF.
 We drove to see our good friend, Nancy Keeth in Spring Hill, TN.  Nancy and I worked together at the Jim Elliot School in Denver, she was our Administrator and started the same day I did.  I haven’t seen her since we left Denver, so it was such a fun time to catch up on what’s been going on in her life in TN.  We stayed the night with her and the kids really enjoyed playing the Cootie game at her house.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 16, 17, 18

March 19-21
Pigeon Forge, TN
We arrived in Pigeon Forge, TN today for a weekend of visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and relaxing after being on the road for a few weeks.  The south is an interesting place, and Pigeon Forge is full of neon lights and things calling our attention to play mini golf, see shows, eat with Elvis and other crazy things.  It wouldn't be the place we would choose for a vacation spot, but we are hoping to have a couple days to explore the Smokies which is why we are here.

On Saturday we went into the park and were able to climb to a very pretty waterfall.  There were a TON of people, and Jeff was shocked at the number of girls in flip flops climbing up to the waterfall. I tried to explain that most of the "clientele" who were climbing to the waterfall probably weren't people who typically hike in the National Parks, they are just people who are traveling through and just want a taste of the Smokies. lol

We had a picnic on the trail, being careful not to leave even a crumb of food in case the bears were to come follow us and eat us. It was a great time together as a family, and we are so thankful to be out in nature!!

The next day, Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed worshiping with the people of TN.  The boys had a nice time in Sunday school, and Sophia did great in the nursery.  At the end of the service, one of the little old ladies slipped me a $20 bill and told us to "go have lunch"!!  So cute!

Unfortunately on Sunday, the weather turned sooo cold that we decided not to head back into the park.  I was able to get away for a couple hours and go to Starbucks to just read, and then do a bit of shopping while Jeff had the kids.  Great day overall!

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 14 & 15

March 17-18
Charlotte, NC
Jeff spoke a few minutes at the SIM prayer meeting this was fun to see people in the home office and for the boys meet people there.  We had a great interview/debriefing and then I was fortunate to be asked out to coffee by a wonderful lady that I had just met.  Her questions and true concern for what we are going through during this transitional part of our lives was very encouraging and very needed.  Thanks Ruth!!

On the 18th I finally got to meet Erin, gal who works for International and with whom I have been skyping for almost 2 years!!  She just had a baby girl about 6 months ago and so we wanted to meet and have our girls meet.  It was a nice lunch with the kids and to meet you Erin!!!

It's nice to just hang out at SIM and for the boys to play games and not have to be anywhere at any certain time.  One thing they have discovered is Monopoly!!  They are Monopoly fools and it's funny to see them buying up houses and hotels like fools!!  What fun they are having!

Krohn Road Trip...Day 12

March 15
Coral Springs/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
We stayed the night in a nice hotel and then the next day went to the beach for a few hours.  It was super windy but the boys loved playing in the ocean and sand.

After the beach, we went and had dinner with a friend of Jeff's and his family.  We had a nice time and our kids really enjoyed playing with the Cooper kids.  After leaving their house, we drove all night to get to Charlotte, NC.

Krohn 2010 Road Trip...Day 13

Charlotte, NC
We spent all night driving so that the kids could sleep, and arrived in Charlotte mid-morning.  We got all settled into the residences at SIM and then got some rest.  It was great for the boys to see SIM USA and meet some of the people there as well.

Krohn Road Trip...Day 11

March 14
Islamorada, FL-Coral Springs, FL
Today we got to experience Everglades National Park with James and Jennifer!  It was so amazing!  I will admit I was a bit nervous about seeing alligators out in the open, close enough that they could gobble up my kids if they were hungry enough!  The scariest/most exhilarating part was when Nathan was running up ahead of us and all of a sudden came running back saying there was a HUGE alligator on the path!  Sure enough, we walked up a bit and there was this humongous alligator sitting right in the middle of the path!!  We were going to walk around it and hope to find another way out, but then it just up and walked off the path, over the bank and into the water.

After spending a few hours in the park, we said goodbye to James & Jennifer and took off for the Ft. Lauderdale area where Jeff was going to meet up with some friends and the kids and I would just chill and hang out together.  We were stuck without a car so we decided to embark on a little adventure and walk to the nearest shopping area to find some dinner. We debated between Thai food (which I wanted) and pizza (what the boys wanted)...and of course concluded that pizza would more likely be enjoyed by all.  We had fun, just the kids and I, but by the time we finished and walked back it was getting late and Jeff was on his way to the hotel.