Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random pictures-December 2011

Our new dining room table we had made!!  I love it!!!

Ministry in Peru

Jeff just finished his first semester teaching at SEL, the Seminario Evangelico de Lima.  He had a great time, learned a lot about teaching in a higher institution, and learned that plagiarism isn't a big deal here...before he came. :o)  He will be teaching 2 more classes starting in March and is looking forward to that as well.

I took over a new job with our mission, and am now the official Personnel Coordinator for SIM Peru.  It's a great job, gives me lots of Administrative duties which I enjoy, but of course there is the people side of it that is dealing with conflict--which I don't enjoy quite as much.  Overall, I'm super excited to be in this role...if I can just get caught up on the emails!! :o)  I did have this role prior to our return to the States last year, but it was quite different than it is now.

One of my colleagues works in the women's prison here in Lima.  She works with the expat/foreign English-speaking population in the prison, teaching, encouraging, and helping them when they get out.  Most are in for drug trafficking, sometimes when they get out they aren't allowed to leave the country, they can't get jobs because they don't have the right visa, etc.  Anyhow, I had the opportunity to help Mary and some of the ex-prisoners wrap up some Christmas gifts to take into the prison a couple weeks ago.  I made 60 Christmas tags to put on the bags of shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and body spray.  I was amazed to hear that Mary got all the bags into the prison without the officials wanting to open up every bag and check it!! 


I never thought I would drive in Lima, but I have surprised even myself by somewhat enjoying the chaos that it brings!  It's a strange sort of chaos though, you have to be constantly on guard, watching in front, on the sides, in your blind spots, and in back...much more quickly and much more often than even city driving in the States.  If I turn to look behind me, someone could be cutting into my lane within seconds with no signal, so it's a constant state of vigilance...yet somehow fun. (sorry some of the pictures are super small--taken on my phone)

Blog, blog, blog....

I keep hearing Charlie Brown's teacher in my ear, though to me it sounds a bit like, "Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog."  I so enjoy blogging, but I so can't get a handle on it!!  Do I hear a New Year's Resolution in the making??  I am envious of my friends who are such faithful bloggers, I enjoy a good laugh or a tear with them as I read about the latest "goings on" in their lives.  They really are my inspiration.  On that note...I'll begin my catching up with a few pictures: