Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our princess--age THREE!

More Sophia--age THREE!

In case you missed the last few pictures, here are a few more! :)

Sophia--age THREE!!

She's sassy and spunky, but most of all she's the sweetest little girl ever.  We can't get enough of her cute sayings, her awesome smile, and the joy she brings to our family!!

Crazy hair day

Lima's Magic Circuit Water Park

One of the fun things of summer nights is going to the Water Park near downtown Lima.  It's an amazingly large structure inside a city park, with a gazillion fountains of water, and a pretty cool laser light show against a backdrop of huge water fountains.  There are a couple fountains that you can run through, so the first time we remembered to bring a change of clothes...but forgot the towels. :(  The second time we managed to remember both and the kids loved it!

Love me some Pacific Ocean

I. Love. The. Ocean.  It is unbelievable to live on the ocean, and while we are across the city from the actual beaches, it's only about a half-hour drive (on a good traffic day) to get to the beautiful "Malecon" from our house.  I think they have made the ocean drive and the area up on the cliffs an absolutely beautiful place to spend time.  Sophia and I spend every Tuesday and Thursday mornings enjoying the play area overlooking the ocean...we watch the surfers down in the water, look for dolphins (we've actually seen some!), and just enjoy the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.  It's so amazing.

Parental visits are so awesome.  My parents came to visit in February, it was summer here so a great break for them from the North Dakota winter!  The boys went back to school on February 1st, so it was up to me to entertain the folks--a good balance between getting to know Lima and just hanging out relaxing with them.  Some of the things I enjoyed most was my new Kitchen Aid mixer, spending time drinking coffee, hanging out at the ocean, touring Lima via a red double-decker bus, and laughing.  Good times were had by all.


Each year all of the families who work in Peru with SIM get together for our annual SLC.  The kids love it because there is a program especially for them.  The parents love it because someone is taking care of the kids. :)  I love it because it's at the beach and I'm with friends.  We typically have a bungalow with bunk beds and plastic mattresses, we can sit outside on our little patio and watch the waves roll in.  Sometimes we can even see dolphins swimming in their little pods.  

One of the highlights for the kids is that they get to catch crabs at night with flashlights on the beach!  They love that!