Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First day of school/last time at Peruvian preschool for Sophia!

USA school year: August-June
Peruvian school year: March-December

The boys started their second semester in February and Sophia started at her Peruvian preschool in March.  The difference is that the boys are still in the same school year, whereas Sophia started up a whole new year.  The weird thing is that she will only be in preschool until August when she will start Kindergarten at ICSL, the school where the boys attend.  So between August 2013 and August 2014 the kids will have 3 first days of school. :)  Awesome!

Arequipa, Peru

Who doesn't love a good road trip story!?  We left at 3am on a Saturday morning to drive to Arequipa, a city in southern Peru and the city where the two youngest boys were born.  About 5 hours into our trip, the car starts acting funny and refusing to shift gears.  Not a great thing when our total trip is about 13 hours and we are less than half way there.  We pull off in Nazca to look for some transmission fluid, but it's just before 8am so finding something that's open was a challenge...thankfully we located one little hole in the wall and the guy poured it in.  It took and we were off again.

Our entire trip was about 1,000 the 999th kilometer, our car overheated and refused to budge.  An entire day of coastal beauty, desert hills, passing large trucks and buses and then smoke started pouring out the engine.  We were so thankful that our friends lived right around the corner and we had made our entire trip without breaking down until the very end!!  Such a blessing!!

The car entered the shop, was able to be fixed (a hose had a hole burned in it), and two weeks later we were on our way back home.  The boys enjoyed a week of summer camp, playing with friends, and even some rain!! While Jeff enjoyed teaching a week long class at the Bible institute and I actually relaxed more than I had in years--I managed to finish reading 4 whole books!!!  Good times.

This guy is amazing with his mad Peruvian driving skills!

Squatted land.

There's not really an adequate caption for this...oh my goodness!!!

So much traffic to pass--super slow trucks.

Beautiful volcano Misti, overlooking AQP

Workers planting in the field.