Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Dad

I wrote this just after Father's Day this year, with the intent of posting it immediately.  But in the hustle and bustle of packing to return home to the U.S., saying goodbye to friends, and ending the school year, this little gem got put aside in a notebook.  I found it this morning and so am posting it in my better late than never style that comes so easily.  It's about my Dad.

My Dad is a force.  Some of you might know him...some of you might have been ticketed by him, or possibly even arrested by him. :)  I am no exception when at 15-years-old I was busted driving without a license.  That'd be a ticket, baby.

That is one of the things I love most about my Dad--he's loyal, trustworthy, and full of integrity.  He can be intimidating and surly at times, but cuddly and witty at others.  He gives the best hugs and makes the best steaks on the planet. When we were kids, he was our biggest cheerleader at gymnastic meets, basketball games, and swim meets.  He would yell shouts of encouragement through the stands and attempt all forms of clapping routines while his kids were out there.

I find that I get some of my favorite anecdotes and most of my sarcasm from my Dad.  He's quick to laugh, and just as quick to praise.  I can't count the life skills I've learned while watching CSI with him--but I'm sure they will serve me well if I'm ever abducted by a random stalker while jogging in a remote wooded area after falling down and hurting my ankle.  And though I feel I know quite a bit of trivia, I've got nothing on my Dad who could probably put Alex Trebec out of a job on Jeopardy.  It may not seem like much, but these TV watching moments are among my favorites of time well spent with my Dad.

My Dad is a hard worker, something my brother and I value and appreciate as adults and hope to pass on to our children.  There was a time we didn't think my Dad would live past my third grade year, but he's a fighter.  Many hours have been spent cutting wood, fixing fences, untangling necklaces, patrolling highways, mowing the lawn, and yes, even many hours behind a desk...but always, always working.

If I could pick some of the best things to pass on to my kids, it would be the hugs, hardworking ethic, loyalty, wit, and sacrificial way he has blessed me in my 40 years of life.  There have been many sacrifices through the years so that we would never want for anything, and also many sacrifices so that we could have some of those extra things that were just for fun.  Road trips in the car with a giant cooler in the middle and my brother throwing my toy kissing game out the window, or summer vacations in July with no air conditioning.  Watching him start a fire in the fireplace, get groceries for my Mom, take us on a trip to Disney, and the way my Dad can drive for hours are some of the fun memories that will stay with me forever.

My life has been blessed by my Dad and I will be forever grateful for his love, support, encouragement, and example.  I love you Dad!  Happy Father's Day 2013.