Sunday, August 15, 2010


I need to catch up on some other posts, but I'll post quickly to let everyone know that we are moving to Wheaton, IL tomorrow!!!  It's a new season for our family, one where all the males in the household will be going to school and the girls will stay home!  We are super excited and basically have the cars loaded up and ready to go!!  I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Mini golfing with the family

My ball definitely wasn't supposed to land on the cart path! Oops!

Bully Pulpit's signature 15th hole

Golfing with my mom at Bully Pulpit

After spending some days in Colorado and Douglas, we headed to Medora to spend some time with my parents. 
This girl is in love with her shoes!  


I love summer.  I love the warm weather.  I love wearing flip flops everyday.  I just love summer, and I've loved watching Sophia experience things with her senses--feeling grass on her feet, smelling the flowers, tasting lots of fresh fruit, and watching the birds and other wildlife we've seen.

Snow in June???

We headed to Colorado in June to catch up with some supporters and visit a couple of our churches. While we were there, we went to a wedding in Winter Park...imagine our surprise that there was STILL snow on Berthoud Pass!!!  The boys thought it would be fun to throw snowballs at me...however as they ran around gathering snow, they all started feeling sick because of the altitude!!  Fun times!

Canada 3

Canada 2


So we got invited to spend a few days in Canada with some was to be a quick trip up there and back, but with a few days for relaxing and fishing in between.  It was such a great time!  We went with our friends, the Heinschs, and their 3 boys.  I'm telling you, those 6 boys spent 90% of their time in the freezing water--either catching crawfish, swimming, kayaking, or fishing.  They had SO much fun!  I especially loved the deck over the water, and was excited to catch a sunrise there one morning.  We had some rain, but for the most part it was super good weather and an excellent time! 
Heading to the was an old factory building!
Waiting in line to get into Canada


More Como Town

Como Zoo with friends

The boys and I had such a fun time meeting up with the Heinsch family to go to Como Zoo!  It was Mindy and I with 6 boys and Sophia...we enjoyed seeing the animals and then getting a special treat and getting to ride on rides at Como Town.  You can see the fun Jonathon & Connor are having in the roller great to see their faces!