Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flying through the holidays and into 2014

We managed to soar through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years without even pausing to take a breath.  The kids finished their semester just before Christmas and Jeff finished his school year the beginning of December...it was, without a doubt, the busiest 4 months we've had in years.  Between heading home on Home Assignment for 6 weeks of full-on "busy" and then coming back to Peru only to start school the day after our arrival, we hit the ground running.  Jeff taught 2 classes and I volunteered for various school functions, including co-planning the biggest fundraiser that the school hosts each year.  Now that we are well into 2014, well, at least 2 weeks into the new year, we've decided to slow down a bit. We'll see how well we do with that goal...

The ice cream lady waits outside for school to get out and then sells anything from popsicles to ice cream sandwiches.

I enjoyed being part of a Christmas Bazaar, selling some handmade ornaments, Christmas tags, and other crafts.

Packages wrapped in brown paper...I love this!

Sophia participated in a Christmas/end of the school year program--as a little Flamenco dancer! 

New Year's Eve...fireworks light up the entire city for at least 20 minutes straight!

We started a new New Year's Eve tradition...grilling pizzas on the balcony and then eating s'mores!